1. More of the same photography I enjoy by Tyler Shields featuring Shenae Grimes <3

  2. Clemence Poesy gorgeous, talented french actress. Love black & White photos.

  3. She seriously needs to play a Vampire at some point in her career.

  4. So fun and crazy. I also kind of want those shoes….

  5. stunning and so vintage styled. Love Rachel McAdams anyways…

  6. Stunning. the last campaign of Scarlett Johansson for Mango, alas.  She looks gorgeous with the sultry smoky eye and  nude lip. She has such large plump lips that putting anything dark or bright would just make them stand out way over the top. This way they are more subtle with the lighter lipstick, but still sexy.

  7. Wow. For the first time ever, I actually think Lady Gaga is really beautiful in this photoshoot. She needs to stay to darker shades of hair colour always.

  8. I’ve decided I like Kat Dennings very much. She’s funny, snarky and pretty.

  9. gorgeous vintage cat eye make up with a modern swept of red upwards…beautiful.

  10. Love Lady Gaga’s make-up and hair style & colour in this shot. I like anything with high contrasting colours. gorgeous.

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