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    //cats & boxes

    are you fuckin kiddin me

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  2. Haim - Falling

    My brother and fellow twitter peeps got me onto Haim and I LOVE them…I kinda wanna be in an all girl band now lol. 

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    "It’s Full of Stars"
    Digital Illustration by FalcaoLucas

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  4. Scarlett Johansson - Vanity Fair April 2014

    She always does classic Hollywood beauty perfectly..

  5. Lara Stone - Bazaar April 2014

    I like the darker blonde, simple hair and fresh face..

  6. Amber Heard - Jalouse April 2014

    Love the messy rocker hair and goth style..

  7. So I haven’t really reviewed any beauty products much on here for a while… But I had to post about this new product from Annabelle I got to try recently. 

    Its their ‘Instaglam Brow Design & Fix’ pen and I really love it! The marker end filled in my sparse brows (ugh stupid youth of over plucking) while the mascara brushed and stuck my few hairs in place all day. It even stayed it over night while I tossed and turned for the next day. And its so light I didn’t feel like I was wearing makeup. 

    Its 12.99 CAD, I really recommend it if you struggle with keep your brows tamed and want a single one shot product to use easily. 

  8. I will always love this song..

  9. travelry:

    I went to ‪Ōkunoshima‬ ‘Rabbit Island’ in Japan today - story goes that the rabbits were brought here as test subjects during WWII and released when the war ended. With no predators (cats/dogs/hunting are all banned) the island is totally overpopulated with rabbits. They are also super friendly, they chase you, beg, and climb all over you!


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  10. Ve Neill applying make up to Michael Keaton for Beetlejuice. (1988)

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